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Pasaż Muranów

The work of craftsmen has served Warsaw and its inhabitants well for centuries. The society of the capital knows that they are experts in various, often rare specialties, with high skills and professional knowledge. Distinguished by reliability and high quality of services and manufactured products. Even in unfavorable conditions, and there were plenty of them, Warsaw craftsmen worked in accordance with the needs and expectations of people, guided by common sense and concern for the public good. This was also the case after 1956, after the so-called October breakthrough, when more favorable conditions for craft activity arose.

At that time, an initiative group was established at the crafts chamber in Warsaw, which decided to make its much-anticipated contribution to meeting the service needs of the inhabitants of Warsaw. Then it turned into the “Committee for the Construction and Administration of Craft Pavilions”. At a fast pace for those times, in the years 1961-1965, on the rubble land within the newly built Muranów district, handed over by the Presidium of the National Council of the Warsaw-Wola district, the first Craft Pavilions with a permanent location were built in Warsaw after the war. It was designed by Eng. Architect…

The investment was financed from the craftsmen’s own funds and from loans taken out in “Bank Spółdzielczy – Rzemiosła”.

Craft pavilions fit well into the landscape of the Muranów district, beautifying it and, above all, responding to the needs of people – thus they were an excellent showcase of Polish crafts. The clients were residents of various districts of Warsaw, as well as from outside the capital.



A wide range of services were performed in the pavilions, services of a personal nature prevailed, there were numerous plants of the following industries:

  • textile
  • clothing,
  • leather,
  • metal,
  • wood,
  • arts and crafts.

After 1989, the Pavilions expanded their scope to include commercial activities. New times and new conditions for business activity result in new initiatives. In 1995, the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted the name: “Pawilony Rzemieślnicze i Handlowe Spółka z. o. o.”

It was decided to rebuild the pavilions, modernize them and expand and develop the service activity. New directions include the following services:

  • medical,
  • legal,
  • gastronomic,
  • banking.

After the reconstruction, even three-level pavilions will be built, they will have the character of company stores with an established reputation and a brand valued by customers.
Our ambition is that craft pavilions, whose history will soon reach half a century, keep up with the times and progress, so that they best meet the expectations and needs of the residents of Warsaw.